With my cats

Our last meeting I haven’t written about was, looking back to our Facebook conversation, on April 17… but from now on, I will write about every meeting on the same day, or max. one day later, promise!

Since this meeting was such a long time ago, my memories on it have faded a bit 🙁 We met at TAMK and went to eat to our favorite lunch place, Medi-Heli. Hanna had just returned from her trip to Southern France. We talked about her trip, which was great, of course, and we talked in Finnish, of course 🙂 She showed me a couple of pictures with beautiful, sunny warm weather. Something we will not have here in Finland in the near future….

We also talked about my summer plans, which include, surprise-surprise, Spain 🙂 I will go on a small Andalucía round-trip with my boyfriend, to Málaga, Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada. I had no idea that one could miss sun and warm temperatures so much…

After eating, we came home to me, but we were too tired to study Spanish, so we just drank coffee and ate chocolate in the company of the following lovely individuals.


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