Each One Teach One #5

Second relaxing time with a second movie!

(We did eat many days ago, I’m quite late to write this article.., forgive me!)

NORD_SUD_bisAfter having watched the french comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, and eaten French food, we decided to watch “the same movie”, but from Italy, and to eat Italian food.

We watched Benvenuti al Sud, in Italian with English subtitles. When I’m saying “the same movie”, the film is a remake of Bienvenue chez les Ch’ti, but Italian version. It was really funny to compare the same subject, from France and then from Italy.


You can see a trailer here!

Like the last time, to be in “the mood”, we ate Italian food, we ate Tiramisù! But before that, Bea tried to teach me how to make it! Basically I’m really a bad cook, and in addition, Bea taught me how to make it in Italian.., imagine…! Finally, we did it together, ate it before and during the movie, and it was really good!




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