Kaks kirpputoria

Hanna and I have met again today. We went to eat lunch at Ziberia first. We were a bit tired, so we didn’t talk as much as usually. Part of it was certainly the nasty, cold, wet weather….

Afterwards, we took a look at two new kirpputori shops, new only to me 🙂 Both are at the harbor, the first was called Kirpputori Tarina and the second, Radiokirppis. Kirpputori Tarina was very nice, there was even an area on the street level where it was possible to drink coffee and watch the street and the harbor. The cakes looked very good too, so I’ll have to return some time 🙂 The articles on sale were downstairs. I tried on a dress and a skirt but neither of them convinced me. I’m a difficult customer and won’t buy unless I really-really like the item. Somehow Hanna has a much better eye than I do, and she always finds something pretty and unique.

Radiokirppis was much bigger than Kirpputori Tarina and still, I wasn’t able to find anything for myself. I need a summer dress for my Andalucía trip since I left them in Budapest when I moved… but found nothing. Hanna, of course, did 🙂

Finally, to make the shopping tour complete, we made a quick visit to Sokos, and then we had to cycle home in the wet, cold, ugly weather… can’t wait for Andalucía!

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