Each One Teach One #6

For our 6th meeting, we decided to re-start to work “more seriously”! (I mean, we are always serious, but it’s right that watch movies is a king of “cool work” ahaha!)

Like during our 3rd meeting, we came again outside to work the “Italian part”.

Giving directionsBea already started to teach about the “directions”, and this time, she finished it! I learnt how to express different common places, which could be used as landmark (for example school, supermarket, restaurant, grocery, stationery, pharmacy…etc.). Bea showed me the places, and told me the names in Italian. She also taught me some indicators, as straight on, on the left, on the right, street corner, in front of, between… To finish this part, and be sure that I’ll never get lost in Rome, we practiced with a map.

Even if it’s very pleasant to study outside, we went back to home for the “French part”. As you know, Bea will have an exam in her home university when she will come back, so we think that practice with “school way” is needed.. This time we worked on the possessive & demonstrative pronouns and adjectives. Bea knew most of them, it’s not very difficult, but there are many details, so I showed to her some practical methods, and it worked!:) At the end, we did exercices, and Bea succeed them, without any papers with the course, she already memorized the rules and the methodology!

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