Easter Finland / Germany

We went for a walk in the nice spring time and talked about easter. Jasper went home to his family, I went to visit my boyfriend in lisbon.

Jasper told me that his family ate lamb for easter. I´m not sure if this is also a tradition in germany, because I´m vegetarian and don´t pay much attention to this kind of tradition, but for me it sounds a bit religious to eat lamb on this day. At home we are still looking for colorful eggs in the garden, also the adults. Jasper told me that this is only for children in his family.

One thing I really don´t like is the typical brown finnish desert for easter – Mämmi. I tried it at the city tour and it tasted like the dark bread from germany but in some kind of fluid version. Jasper told me that they eat it with cream and jam. But I would still prefer dark bread with butter and jam 🙂

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