Meeting 10: Bye bye party :'(

I would like to say some thanks before the course will be done. Firstly, many thanks for TAMK and such opportunity to study languages and cultures or just meet new people. Secondly, thanks Kevin for teaching me and studying Russian.

I’ve got quite big experience in teaching Russian. Honestly, I didn’t think that it is thaaat big deal. Native speakers are not the best teachers without any teaching experience. But here we all have leaned and have been taught.

Learning Dutch for me was interesting, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to study 2 different languages in the same time (Finnish and Dutch I mean). Anyway, now I can say that I know something, not nothing, so I assume it is great!

It was great semester with Kevin! We’ve become not only Each One Teach One partners, but friends! Can’t wait to go to Netherlands for doing my exchange during spring 2016!

On the photo you can see how we celebrated our last meeting attending international bye bye party in Miami. We had fun!


Have a great summer, everyone! Have fun!

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