Chatting over a cup of coffee, the first meeting.

We had our first EOTO-meeting on February 3rd at Klubi. The idea was to start by going trough both premilinary plans and discuss about our expectations for the course. We set some guidelines for the meetings and brainstormed about what we should do. We both were so full of energy and motivation we decided to start right away. It was all about the basics. Well, at least it was supposed to be.

I had studied German before, so the beginning was quite easy and it all started to come back to me quckly. However, I right away noticed that understanding won’t be the problem but the speaking will. We practiced the basic greetings, some small talk, numbers and so on. Then I remembered some grammar rules and started to shoot questions. It was then when the basics weren’t the basics anymore. We talked about the structures of the sentences and some other grammar stuff. On our first meeting. After a while we noticed that it is too much to try to learn in just two hours. It is impossible to learn a language on one sitting. So, back to the basics and how to say yes or no.

I noticed already on this meeting that I am not even close to ‘a professional teacher’ and never will be. Fingers crossed that Amelie will at least learn something during this course even though my teaching skills aren’t that good.

However, sometimes a chaotic approach works and this was more or less in our control after all. Anyway, I think we had a good start for the course and need to keep in mind that we can take one step at a time next time.

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