The four “olla”-verbs

Hanna and I have met again today. She will get her degree soon, and with a very good grade 馃檪 As for me, it’s still a very-very long time.

She came to visit me and my cats, and we drank coffee here. We were talking about summer and, since I didn’t manage to find a summer job, she had an idea for me: volunteer at the Red Cross or another non-profit organization to be a personal assistant to an elderly person. I may try it because the summer is very long, and it would be nice to do some work, even if it’s not paid. And it would also be nice to practice more Finnish 馃檪

We then made a little progress in Spanish but just a little because we were again a bit tired. We went over the four existential verbs, which are ser (used for permanent or lasting attributes), estar (used for temporary attributes and location), hay (used in the same way as the English there is) and tener (the equivalent of the English to have). For example:

– ser: Soy Zs贸fia. / I am Zs贸fia.

– estar: 驴D贸nde est谩 la oficina de Correos? / Where is the post office?

– hay: Hay una farmacia por aqu铆? / Is there a pharmacy around here?

– tener: Tienes un sacacorchos? / Do you have a corkscrew?

This is quite complicated but since these are the existential verbs, they need to be studied right in the beginning. We read some dialogues from the book in which these verbs were used, and for afterwards I was planning to give Hanna these two online exercises but she preferred to do them at home 馃檪

After finishing the dialogues, as well as our coffees, we again practiced our favorite hobby: kirpputori 馃檪 We went to Sammon Kirppis and this time I’ve found something! That is, Hanna has found something for me 馃檪 She found me a pair of sandals for my Spain trip, which I needed very much because I had left my sandals in Budapest, and a beautiful summer blouse.

We will probably (and hopefully :)) continue our meetings but this is my last, tenth post in this blog. It has been very nice to study with Hanna and I hope we will meet again soon!

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