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Each One Teach One #8

For this 8th meeting, Beatrice and I decided to work again about the language skills, to complete our program!

Dessin élève écoleAs usual for the theoretical work, we met in quiet space, and we even met each other in real classroom which was free, at Tamk! We were almost as a real teacher and a real student! 😉

Bea started to teach me! She taught me vocabulary about the colors, the family (with the different family members), and the animals. We already spoke about those subjects we did before, but we worked on them more seriously and I took some notes. As those subjects as easy and quite fast to do, we also worked on vocabulary about new’s headlines. Even if I’ll not be able to understand a Italian article, understand some headlines can be helpful, to have an idea about what’s happening in the world!

Then, it has been my turn to be the teacher! From our program, we had many small topics to study, and one more important. For this meeting, we worked on the part with many small topics. More specifically, I prepared a course with the personal pronouns, the prepositions, the adverbs, and finally the comparisons and the superlatives. It could look awesome, but most of this points are more “things to know” than “things to understand”, and Bea already knew most of them.


I’m asking myself if I really learn things to Bea, because she is better than she thinks!

Each One Teach One #7

Hi Everyone!


After have worked “language” skills last time, for our 7th meeting, we decided to work more about cultural aspects. Both of us, we are listening music all the time, when we are happy, sad, anxious, to wake up, to fall asleep.. and it seemed us, as an evidence, to exchange about music!

Bea and me prepared this course by selecting typical French & Italian musics, and for each of them, we listened it, spoke about the melody, the feelings given by those songs, and then, we worked on the lyrics. Just for Bea, who is more advanced in French, than me in English, we paid attention to the original lyrics as well.

Variété française!I chose 2 very known “french variety” (= variété française) singers, who are Jean-Jacques Goldman, and Claude François. For me, they are typical french variety singers. However, it was difficult to select specific songs, I like many of them… Finally, we listen “Puisque tu pars” and “Au bout de mes rêves”, from Jean-Jacques Goldman, and “Comme d’Habitude” and “Alexandrie Alexandra” from Claude Francois.

Laura_pausini_1993About Italian songs, Bea introduced me her favorite singer, who is Laura Pausini. She selected 3 songs, “Come se non fosse stato mai amore”, “La solitudine” and “Strani amori”. I knew already “La solitudine”, that I find really very beautiful, but I discovered the 2 others. I cannot say which one I preferred.., I enjoyed listening all of them; they are a lot of emotion.

I have been lucky and really happy, because Bea prepared us an Italian desert with chocolate! I’m not able to show a picture; I thought about it after we finished it! 😋

7th meeting

Hello everyone!

Antoine and me we have a common passion: the music.
We listen to it all the day. It’s like a part of us. We love music. For this reason we decided to dedicate our meeting only in the music.


Antoine started to introduce me his favorite French singer and songs. We listened two songs of Jean-Jacques Goldman, “Puisque tu pars” and “Au bout de mes rêves”, and then I tried to translate them with Antoine’s help, of course.




After that we listened “Comme d’Habitude” and “Alexandrie Alexandra” from Claude Francois. We translate them as well.
My favorite song were the ones from Jean-Jacques Goldman. I really liked the lyrics of these two songs.




Then, I started to introduce Antoine song of my favorite singer: Laura Pausini.
We listened “Come se non fosse stato mai amore” (one of my favorite), “La solitudine” and “Strani amori”. Of course while we were listening to this songs we had the lyrics in front of us to understand better and because of the pronunciation also.




During this meeting, as usual already, we had a tea time with some Italian dessert that I made. (It was so good!)


Meeting #9 (final)

I had a final meeting with only Haley present, as Yeaeun had already left Finland, and Mariona was getting ready to go. We baked one last chocolate cake, I ended up reminiscing about the course with Haley, and we took a drive around Tampere, looking at some final locations that she was interested in (such as Messukylä old church and visiting Pyynikinranta once again). Afterwards, we stopped by Tullintori and just walked and chatted. It was great fun hanging out with Haley, and I was very sad when it came time to say goodbye. I hope to visit Korea sometime soon to meet up again.
We ended up having a fewer meeting times because most of our meetings were 3-4 hours long, and there was the cottage trip that was around 8 hours. I liked having longer meeting times instead of a few shorter ones, because if things go really well and there’s a lot of fun things to do and talk about during the meeting, it’s a shame to cut it short. Also, some experiences (such as the cottage trip) just don’t fit into one or two hours.

During the course, I learned how to pronounce Korean words correctly and also learned a whole bunch of useful vocabulary for when I visit sometime. During our meetings together I asked for the vocabulary words to be written in Korean, not the English alphabet, so that I could practice translating them at home. This also helped me to learn the Korean alphabet better – I had a sheet of the alphabet with rows of signs, and I tried to memorize a new row every day for about 10 minutes a day on my own. Memorizing them on my own and then needing to translate the vocabulary into sounds after each lesson helped me with learning the Korean alphabet. This was better accomplished on my own, since I’m a bit slow with remembering the signs (I’m learning Japanese kanji at the same time, and didn’t want to get mixed up). I’ve found that learning a new alphabet is all about repetition – going through it over and over again until it sticks to your mind. This can easily be done at home. The part that I really needed help with was the pronunciation and learning new words, which we did together.

I really, really liked this course and would recommend it to everyone! It was so much fun learning about another culture and language from a native, and I was very happy to show them around Finland too. Learning together like this is the best, as it allows you to see the other person’s culture from their perspective and their enthusiasm helps to keep up your own enthusiasm about learning. I hope TAMK keeps organizing courses like this in the future too!

Chatting over a cup of coffee, the first meeting.

We had our first EOTO-meeting on February 3rd at Klubi. The idea was to start by going trough both premilinary plans and discuss about our expectations for the course. We set some guidelines for the meetings and brainstormed about what we should do. We both were so full of energy and motivation we decided to start right away. It was all about the basics. Well, at least it was supposed to be.

I had studied German before, so the beginning was quite easy and it all started to come back to me quckly. However, I right away noticed that understanding won’t be the problem but the speaking will. We practiced the basic greetings, some small talk, numbers and so on. Then I remembered some grammar rules and started to shoot questions. It was then when the basics weren’t the basics anymore. We talked about the structures of the sentences and some other grammar stuff. On our first meeting. After a while we noticed that it is too much to try to learn in just two hours. It is impossible to learn a language on one sitting. So, back to the basics and how to say yes or no.

I noticed already on this meeting that I am not even close to ‘a professional teacher’ and never will be. Fingers crossed that Amelie will at least learn something during this course even though my teaching skills aren’t that good.

However, sometimes a chaotic approach works and this was more or less in our control after all. Anyway, I think we had a good start for the course and need to keep in mind that we can take one step at a time next time.

Meeting 10: Bye bye party :'(

I would like to say some thanks before the course will be done. Firstly, many thanks for TAMK and such opportunity to study languages and cultures or just meet new people. Secondly, thanks Kevin for teaching me and studying Russian.

I’ve got quite big experience in teaching Russian. Honestly, I didn’t think that it is thaaat big deal. Native speakers are not the best teachers without any teaching experience. But here we all have leaned and have been taught.

Learning Dutch for me was interesting, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to study 2 different languages in the same time (Finnish and Dutch I mean). Anyway, now I can say that I know something, not nothing, so I assume it is great!

It was great semester with Kevin! We’ve become not only Each One Teach One partners, but friends! Can’t wait to go to Netherlands for doing my exchange during spring 2016!

On the photo you can see how we celebrated our last meeting attending international bye bye party in Miami. We had fun!


Have a great summer, everyone! Have fun!

Meeting 9: Russian and Dutch superstitions

Kevin was very curious about Russian superstitions, due to the fact that he heard a lot of them during hanging out with me and a lot of Russian people in general. So this is the reason why we decided to take a such non-stardard topic for meeting number 9.

First of all, I would like to say that I have never thought about superstitions existence in Netherlands, so I was pretty intrigued about it.

So we found out that we have several superstitions in common surprisingly. They are: black cat crosses your way – bad luck, breaking mirror – bad luck, knocking on wood in order to prevent some bad things.

Kevin told me about Dutch superstitions more, because I haven’t heard anything about it. Superstitions in common are not counted. They are: horseshoe brings luck into the house, walking under the ladder brings bad luck, as well as, opening the umbrella indoors.


Honestly, it was very interested topic to be discussed 😉

6th meeting

Hello everyone!

After two meetings watching movies, we decided to go outside also because the weather was nice! We walked in the city, in main street, and I taught Antoine the main stores as the supermarket,  pharmacy, school, coffee shop etc.
Then we stopped in the main square, we sit to take a bit of sun and I finished to taught Antoine how to give directions because I think that when he will go to Italy he will need this information as Italians don’t know well how to speak English!

After our nice walk outside, we came back home and Antoine started to teach me the possessive and demonstrative pronouns and adjectives.
I think that this part of grammar is the one I remembered the less. At the beginning I did few mistakes because, actually I didn’t remember them very well, but then Antoine show me in detail every single rule and at the end I could complete all the exercises he gave me.


thumb_IMG_1071_102428th of April.

Everyone talked about Vappu – so we asked what it actually is. It’s the 1st of May the day of the workers but in Tampere it’s one crazy week were people just celebrate. There they also had this baptism for first year technical students. First we couldn’t really imagine how big Vappu actually is.

It was crazy to see the whole organization round Vappu and that they had two cranes which put the students into the river Tammerkoski. My Vappu conclusion: I never saw as many people in Tampere as at Vappu.

Hannover & St. Petersburg

22th of April.

This time we had a lot to talk about. Aaro was in Hannover and told us all his stories and how he liked it. Jasmin & me were in St. Petersburg and we had also a lot to speak about. Coffee, hot chocolate and nice cakes surrounded our meeting perfectly.