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10th meeting – Last meeting!

This  is the end of each one teach one. We’ve decided it was time to celebrate the good memories rather than being sad about the end so that’s why we partied together 😀

We’ve had many meetings throughout the semester, many more than 10 but we’ve only written down the highlights. We had a lot of casual meetings where we taught each other some new words here and there.

Each one teach one has been a great experience and I think its a really good setup to learn some about a new language and culture. No pressure with exams, deadlines and you are the one who decides what to learn.

I’ve been to St. Petersburg in April and I was happy that I knew and was able to use some Russian there. I’m not sure if I’m going to get really serious and master the language but I will definitely keep learning some whenever I get the chance to!

It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot!

Thank you Victoria, you’ve been a great teacher and student 😀


9th meeting – superstitions

I’ve been hanging out with Russians for quite some time now and found out that they had quite a lot of superstitions. This is why Victoria and I decided to dedicate an each one teach one meeting to it.

We have some superstitions in common but the Russians have many more.

Some that are similar are:

  • Bad luck when a black cat crosses the street
  • Bad luck when you break a mirror
  • Knock on wood


Some that the Dutch use but are not common in Russia:

  • Bad luck when you open an umbrella in the house
  • Bad luck when you walk under a ladder


Some Russian ones I never heard of:

  • You’ll be poor if you whistle indoors
  • Look in the mirror when you walk in the house before you leave again if you forget something
  • Never give an unmarried girl a corner seat
  • Sit before a journey


Now the question is; Do the Dutch have so little superstitions or do the Russians have so many?


All in all it was a fun and interesting (even cultural) meeting 😀


8th meeting – Vappu

The 8th meeting was during Vappu.

I’ve decided it was about time to have some Dutch food after trying lots of delicious Russian food.

A very typical dutch snack is ‘bitterballen’. I have never made them before as it is very common to buy them. The ones we buy are cheap and frozen.

I had to look up a recipe on google to find how to make them. I couldn’t exactly find every ingredient but I found replacements instead.

The process of creating them with Victoria was quite fun and messy since the inside is quite liquid and the outside has to be breaded with egg, flower and breadcrumbs.


They don’t look as pretty and round as they should be but they sure did taste good!

I never thought I’d make these in my life but now I ask myself why I didn’t make them myself before 🙂


7th meeting – colors

Meeting 7 was very colorful. We taught each other the colors in Dutch for Victoria and in Russian for me.


These are the colors in Russian and of course they’re all in Cyrillic 😉

I think I’m quite well with reading Russian by now but the pronunciation still differs from word to word which makes it still not easy. For example the letter ‘o’ can be pronounced as ‘o’ but as ‘a’ in an other word.

Dutch isn’t the easiest language to pronounce, especially the ‘g’ so we both had our fair share of laughs about pronunciations.

Final meeting

The last meeting with Ruihai was a dinner at his place. The spring had gone so fast that it was weird that it was already the tenth meeting.

I took a bus to Ruihai’s place and when I arrived there I already smelled the wonderful aroma of the food! I also got to meet Ruihai’s Chinese friend and we had so much fun. It was nice to hear someone elese opinion too about the things we had been discussed before.

When the food was ready I was more than excited to taste all of them! There were so many options!

I brought some finnish dessert which was blueberry pie!


I also got a gift from Ruihai Which reminds me of our spring and China!


I can’t do anything but recommend this course to everyone! You learn about cultures and language but the most important you get new friends!EOTO

#6 Food

For our 6th meeting we decided to just go through some general stuff. We both had an off day past week, and since the weather was nice, Sean invited me to his home to have a few beers, and BBQ.

We wanted to just take it easy and go through some of the basic stuff we had in school this year, and also our overall experiences about the first year at TAMK. We also discussed the module choices for the next year, and changed our opinions on those. We also looked into some basic everyday phrases in Finnish, so Sean will be more comfortable about starting to handle public situations in Finnish.

Sean grilled Mexican style BBQ, and it was so good! We had guacamole and chips, burritos and salsa. He also told me a lot about Mexican style cooking and we shared opinions on typical Finnish food.

Last Meeting

We had our last meeting in Kahvilla again, because it is cosy place and it’s not far from Satu’s and my place. We started the conversation with the activities that we have been doing for the last weeks. I’m living in Toas City with other exchange students and as the spring semesters comes to an end, we give a lot of goodbye-parties. It’s hard to see your friends leaving after living together for four or five months. Satu told me about her job in the pub and about her summer job. She will work on summer festivals and she is very excited about it.

Satu prepared a small test about Finnish language and culture. The test contained 7 questions and I was able to answer 5 questions correctly. I almost knew the answers to the two other questions.

  1. What is the approximate population of Tampere


  1. What are the names of the two ice-hockey teams of Tampere

Tappara and Ilves (the last one I forgot, because I cheered for Tappara) 

  1. How do you say in spoken Finnish ‘minä olen’.

Mä oon (I forgot this too, because I always speak the written language)

  1. Name three traditional Finnish foods

Mustamakkara, cloud berry jam, karelian pie

  1. How do you order a beer in a Finnish pub?

Moi, (yksi) olut kiitos. 

  1. What is the filling in Karelian pier

Rise, eggs, butter


After the test we spoke about our plans in the future and I told Satu that she had to visit me when she would be on her exchange next year. She’s going to the Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but she promised that she would visit Belgium too. It is not that far anyway. I told her that I could guide her some Flemish cities and that I could show her interesting places in Belgium.

I enjoyed this course very much and I think it was very interesting to learn something about Finnish habits and culture. I liked it to teach my own language and I enjoyed to show off my country.

Each One Teach One #6

For our 6th meeting, we decided to re-start to work “more seriously”! (I mean, we are always serious, but it’s right that watch movies is a king of “cool work” ahaha!)

Like during our 3rd meeting, we came again outside to work the “Italian part”.

Giving directionsBea already started to teach about the “directions”, and this time, she finished it! I learnt how to express different common places, which could be used as landmark (for example school, supermarket, restaurant, grocery, stationery, pharmacy…etc.). Bea showed me the places, and told me the names in Italian. She also taught me some indicators, as straight on, on the left, on the right, street corner, in front of, between… To finish this part, and be sure that I’ll never get lost in Rome, we practiced with a map.

Even if it’s very pleasant to study outside, we went back to home for the “French part”. As you know, Bea will have an exam in her home university when she will come back, so we think that practice with “school way” is needed.. This time we worked on the possessive & demonstrative pronouns and adjectives. Bea knew most of them, it’s not very difficult, but there are many details, so I showed to her some practical methods, and it worked!:) At the end, we did exercices, and Bea succeed them, without any papers with the course, she already memorized the rules and the methodology!

#10 – Last meeting

On Thursday Luis and me had our last meeting. He already flew back to Spain on Saturday, but because I went to St. Petersburg from Friday until today I had no time to write the blog entry earlier.

In our last meeting Luis and me met at Lapinkaari. While we were drinking a coffee we looked through all of the grammar and vocabulary topics that we already worked on. We made Smalltalk in Spanish and German with each other and had a really nice last meeting. EOTO was a nice experience and I´m really sad that the time went by so fast. Next week I´m also flying back to Germany, but I´m looking forward to speak Spanish in my next Spain holiday again 🙂

Thanks Luis for the great& funny meetings!

Let’s talk about sports

What would be more suitable topic for our second last meeting than sports. That is the topic we Finns like to talk about. I told Ruihai that if he wants to start a conversation with a Finn, the safest topic is sports.

First we talked about sports in Finland and Ruihai was very keen on learning about finnsih sports and especially what they are in Finnish. The conversation started of course with Ice-Hockey, the biggest sports in Finland, the sports that is the hottest topic all around year, the sports that evokes huge emotions among everyone. We talked about my favourite teams and the upcoming word championship tournament, that I told Ruihai to watch. The next very important was Pesäpallo, the game that is only played in Finland. I also told about my own hobbies.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle jääkiekko  

Ruihai told me about the most opular sports in China. Even if I had some clue what Chinese people like to do, I found out many sports that I haven’t had thought about. For example I knew that Ping Pong is very popular in China but that it is the most popular sports in China was totally new information to me. In addition I heard that Chinese people like martial arts very much. I also learned how to pronouce these different kind of sports in Chinese!



For our last meeting, we planned to have a dinner meeting at Ruihai’s place!