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Each One Teach One #10

For this 10th and last meeting, Bea and me decided to go to Turku. Two friends joined us, and we can consider that we spend the full day to this meeting!

On the Road to Turku!We reviewed our course about the “directions”, the way to describe a map…etc., with the use of my GPS. To go to Turku, I put my GPS in French, and I asked to Bea to guide me, and to come back, I put it in Italian, and used it directly. Finally the vocabulary used by the GPS was quite easy, and the arrows on the map on the GPS screen helped us, in case of doubt!😉

Italian RestaurantWe had lunch in Turku, and our desire was to eat Italian, or French food. Finally we went to an Italian restaurant. One of the waitresses was Italian, and Bea directly asked her to speak Italian. It was the first time, that I spoke Italian with someone else than Bea. Of course I’m not bilingual, (at least, not yet!.), but I have been happy to note that I was able to speak basically. However, I had to ask her to speak slower.., because she was speaking too fast for me. For one more time, I have been lucky to eat Italian food, and it was very good. I really like this type of food!


Then we had a walk and visited Turku, it was sunny day, and we spent a very good time there!


It was our last Each One Teach One meeting, and also one of my last day before leaving Tampere.

I’m a kind of sad, because of the end.., about everything!..but like Bea says, “don’t be sad because it’s almost the end, be happy because it happened!”. And she is right, I’m happy because it happened!

Each One Teach One was a great experience! Now, I have basic knowledges about Italian, but I also learnt many things about the Italian way of life! With Beatrice, we promised to each other to meet again; it will be time for me to visit Milan, for Bea to visit Paris!

I really hope Bea will be ready for her French exam!


Thank you Bea!¬†😊


9th meeting

Hello everyone!

In our 9th meeting we both learnt something about the verbs.
Antoine first, introduced me different tense about the regular verbs and also about the most common and important irregular verbs.
When I will come back to Italy I have an exam of French and I wanted to be prepared as I have the possibility to have a look, again, here with Antoine, who is a real good teacher.
He is so good because he always prepares me tables to let me understand better the rules and they are so useful for me.

I also prepared some tables with the verbs tense for Antoine. I taught him some common verbs as to be, to have, to eat, to speak, to see, to want, to go and so on. We also did some sentences with those to understand better how to use them.

See you for the last meeting ūüôā

8th meeting


We were in TAMK to have lunch and then we decided to stop there to do our 8th meeting. Fortunately we found an empty room so we used it. It was so funny because Antoine sat down in the desk at the first row like a real interested student and I stand up next to the blackboard like a real teacher.
I started to teach him the colors, the member of the family and the animals. We already said something about these but this time was more detailed. I also showed him how to write them and some pronunciation.

After that we changed and Antoine was my teacher.
I taught me the pronouns, the adverbs, the superlatives, the comparisons and the prepositions with so many examples and exercises to do in the blackboard. It could be silly but teach and do exercises in the blackboard it’s easier to understand and useful!

It was a nice meeting!

Karelian Pies

I invited Bryan and his girlfriend who were visiting in Tampere to my home to cook one traditional Finnish food; Karelian Pies (in Finnish Karjalan piirakka) with eggbutter. I’m actually from South¬†Karelia that these days belongs mostly to Russia (after WW II); information on Karelia in Wikipedia. Well, anyway, I made this tiny booklet of Finnish foods to Bryan and gave him a recipe for Karelian pies¬†and he started to work. Very professionally, I must say.

It takes about 1,5 hours to prepare pies or probably less if you are a professional. I’ve made them now three times during my adulthood but I’m already getting better and faster.

Bryan and his girlfriend had just visited Tallinn, the beautiful capital of Estonia, and brought some cheap spirits from there and they were kind enough to bring some with them. So, obviously, we had some Finnish Minttu-viina with pies (not really obvious, we, here in Finland like to keep our alcohol separated from food :D).

Bryan buttering the pies.
Bryan buttering the pies.
Dinner time!
Dinner time!