Our meetings…Coffee and Mexican party…!!!


So we had our first meeting on 11th September in Coffee House, where we’re getting to know each other and discussing about our next meetings. I’m really excited that we have quite a big group. Like there are people from Finland, Malaysia, Korea, Mexico and Germany and there are so many opportunities to learn to know new people, new cultures and languages.

We’re supposed to learn/teach Spanish and Finnish, but because there are also two person from Germany, we thought that it would be nice to learn some German too. We decided to choose theme for every meetings so we can learn some new words and expressions related to these themes.

On 15th September we had a Mexican party in Lukonmäki. Paola(our Mexican girl)was invited us to celebrate Mexican Independence day with their friends. We had fabulous evening even though it was raining all the time. We ate excellent Mexican food, met lots of people and had fantastic atmosphere. Thank you girls!!! (Paola &Sofia)

Well, I think that’s all for this time.


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