First meetings and parties!

Last week our big group of ten people gathered around for a first meeting at the Coffee House near Keskustori. We had a great first meeting. We got to know each other better and discussed what we wanted to learn and experience on this course. We have people from Finland, Germany, Mexico, Korea and Maleysia from this group, so it was very intresting to compare things about our cultures!

Ultimately we decided to learn spanish, finnish and maybe some german too! And most of all to learn from new cultures. That’s the most exciting thing for me 🙂

This tuesday we had our second meeting, which was a Mexican Independece Day party thrown by our lovely girls Paola, Sofia and their mexican friends. I can probably say that we all enjoyed ourselves. We ate some great food, get to know new people and had a fun night together. Unfortunately it was raining but nevertheless we had a great evening. I learned a lot about Mexican culture and some new phrases to use 🙂 Thank you girls for inviting us! 🙂

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