Tower, Munkki & Paper

Three peeps: Lisa (Germany), Antti (Finland) and myself Chen (Austria)


So today we had our very first meeting at the Pyynikki observation tower. Antti and Lisa have both already been there, but it was my first time and I really enjoyed it. The view from the top of the tower was amazing and we had some delicious donuts afterwards. While enjoying our donuts, we also discussed a paper, which I wrote in german about myself. This way I could introduce myself to both of them and test Antti’s language skill at the same time, since he has already studied german in high school. I wanted to test his knowledge by letting him read and translate the paper. Turned out that his overall comprehension of the german language was pretty much already at a high level. Next time we will therefore focus more on his verbal skills.

Since my finnish classes haven’t started yet, I couldn’t prepare any questions that I could ask Antti. Well … next time.

A few finnish words I have learned so far:

  • Ole hyvä.– You’re welcome
  • Munkki. – Donut
  • Kiitos! – Thank you!
  • Ei kestä. – It’s ok/nothing.
  • Ei mitään. – It’s nothing.



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