Teaching french in a coffee house! #2

For our Second meeting we decided to learn french in a coffee house! We talked about why they want to learn french, if they came already in France. I have been very surprised by their level in french, they had already many abilities to talk french. They can present themselves without mistakes and with a good pronounciation. So i had to change my plan, because i tought learn them the basics.

Finally, we decided to take a map and to ask someone -in this case ourselves- how to go in a speacial point on the map in french. “We are lost,could you say me how can i go in …..” “je suis perdu, pouvez-vous me dire comment je peux aller à…”.                                                          –> you have to turn at left and go straight until the bridge and turn at right. ” tu dois tourner à gauche et aller tout droit jusqu’au pont et tounez à droite”.

We make the same type of exercise, instead of to be lost we have to order our meal in a restaurant. they succeeded with almost any problems.

Finally i was a great evening, i liked to teach french, and i look forward the next meeting!! 🙂


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