Third meetings : learning Finnish!


On wed 23, sep. we had third meetings in school again, but in library. From this day, two new members Hai Yen and Daxue joined my group. So, we reviewed expressions that we learned in first meeting and then learned new things (to be, possessive pronoun, some words and verbs, grammar and places) as follows :

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‘To be’ expression, possessive pronoun and some words are quite familiar now. But verbs and and grammar that I learned today were totally unfamiliar. So Maria made some sentences in English and we practiced those into Finnish.

* To somewhere : -lle

  • Koululle
  • Talolle

* To somewhere (into) : -long vowel + n

  • Kouluun
  • Taloon

for example, Mä meen ravintolaan.

* To come from somewhere : -sta

  • for example, sä tuut sairaalasta.

I think I should practice these expressions more and more, and would be familiar!

And I hope we will meet at cafe or other places next time 😀

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