3. Vapriikki

We went together to the Vapriikki –museum in company of his kids.

First we went to the post museum. There were several stamps from all over the world and also how the delivering system changed. I was surprised that even in Finland the family “Turn und Taxis” was the biggest delivering company in the past as it was Germany.

Then we were searching for buildings we can recognize on the 3D- city map in another exhibition. We went on with the ice hockey museum where I learned something about special helmets and that my tutor is a fan of the designer for those helmets… he even has a signed autograph of him at home. Then the kids showed me how good they are in ice-hockey in a little arena, where it was allowed to play.

The toys museum was pretty the same as it would be in Germany, because kids are playing with the same toys, but the invention museum is more the Finnish style. Nokia and the harvester machine for trees is something you wouldn’t find that easily in German museums. The little daughter of my tutor managed to flip over the harvester machine in the simulator. I guess that was the main goal. : P

In the gemstone exhibition the biggest task was to prevent the kids from touching the gems. You can imagine it was hard, because they are looking so pretty.

At the animal/ nature exhibition I learned a little bit more Finnish, because the explanations were only in Finnish. But I must confess, it was already late and I don’t remember that much of it.

All in all I learned more about Finnish culture and Tampere and everyone who wasn’t at the museum yet, it is worth to go there, especially if you like old factory buildings.

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