First meeting

Hello everybody!

My group members: Hannah Bednorz, Eszter Vonyik, Christina Höhnen and me

We teach each other hungarian and german. I guess it will be really useful for us.

Well, the first meeting was at 13 of September (on Sunday). We met with each other in our appartman (I mean, Eszter, Hannah and I live here), so Christina came here.

First of all we made some tea, and after we tried to introduce ourself in the other language (hungarian and german). Eszter and me tried to explane for the grils, how can they say in hungarian Hello, Goodbye, Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and so on. And after we spoke about the basic introduce things, for example:

In english:                                          In hungarian:                                 In german:

My name is Erika Szegő.              A nevem Erika Szegő.                 Mein Name ist Erika Szegő.

I am 23 years old.                            23 éves vagyok.                           Ich bin 23 Yahre alt.

I live in Budapest.                           Budapesten élek.                        Ich lebe in Budapest.
And after that we teached for they the number from 1 till 10 in hungarian. So well, this was the first our each one teach one meeting. The next time will be on Wednesday in the McDonalds.

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