german salami vs hungarian salami

The third meeting in the market (in Keskustri square)

First of all, when we went to the market, we saw chariot with 4 hourses and on the side was a picures and the write out about the octoberfest. Then we started speak about it. The girls explaned for us a lots of things. In their oppinion it is a really good event and we should visit it somethime, maybe the next October. I learned so many sentences in german:

I would like to 1 liter beer. Ich möchte gerne 1 mass haben.

How much is it? Wie viel kostet es?

Can I pay with credit card? Kann ich mit Karte bezahlen?

No, only with cash. Nein, nur bar.


After in the market we found a stand, where were 2 german sales and a lots of german salamis. We could try almost all of them, and we took some pictures there.

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Later we found an other stand, where we bought (all of us) a special body salt (ObeyYourBody).


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