Me, Trung and Anni met for the second time last weekend. This time the focus was on the Finnish part of our group.

We met in the town centre and went for a beer at a cozy little place called Cafe Europa. Anni suggested where we should go and what beer we should buy and soon we whipped out our notebooks to learn some Finnish.


The first thing we learned was appropriate to the occasion. It was kippis – cheers! We also learned some practical phrases, a bit more about the Finnish pronounciation and some tongue twisters. A Slovenian tongue twister I taught them was the word “čmrljščina”, which is really hard to pronounce for non-Slovenian speakers, but is really easy for us. It means bumble bee language. We also talked about how to spot a Finn from their pronounciation – a lot of them pronounce the letter y differently (because it is pronounced differently in English and Finnish), so for example the word system sounds like sustem. The Finnish we learned was:

  • hello, good morning, good evening etc.,
  • how are you?,
  • numbers,
  • days,
  • months.

Afterwards we had some fun and Anni showed us where to buy make-up (because I could not find a shop with cheap make-up myself). We bedazzled ourselves and our victim Trung with some glitter and jewellery.

All in all, it was a fun night and we gladly set up a date for the next meeting.

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