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2. Numbers, €, clock and w- questions

Because we were at my place last time, he showed me this time his house. It is a cute serial house a little bit outside of Tampere.

In this meeting I taught my partner something about the numbers… everything from 0-1 Million. I got a German learning book from my flatmate, so I was able to show him how the numbers are written without having to write them down myself, which makes everything a lot faster. I can recommend to everyone to search for prepared learning material if you have the goal to learn a little bit more per session.

After training the numbers a little bit, we continued with related topics: euros and clock time. It’s not really hard to learn that, because there is no big difference between German, English and Finnish, just the words are a little bit different. Of course we drew a little clock and marked the interesting times on it, so you can easily remember which words belongs to which time and of course since then I asked him every five minutes after the time. 😉

The W- questions were more difficult to find and also to make a good example, but eventually we managed that.

3rd meeting at TAMK

So the topic of our third meeting was “Tourism hotspots”/”Places of interests”.

Antti therefore introduced us Åland, Hämmenlinna, the major cities and the 39 national parks. Especially Åland sounded quite interesting to me. Since I am a nature lover, I definitely have to add it to my “Finland – Bucket-List”.

I also prepared a handout with pictures of the most beautiful places in Vienna/Austria. Or more specifically, we talked about Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Donauturm, the Rathaus (town hall), St. Stephen’s Cathedral and last but not least … the Prater, our amusement park which includes the Wiener Riesenrad, a 212 feet tall Ferris wheel at the entrance of the park. I visited all of these places with my parents and relatives when I was a kid, and I can look back to very fond memories whenever I re-visit them. I think Vienna has quite a lot of remarkable places of interests, I have never really noticed it until I left my hometown.

Unknown-1 Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown

2nd meeting at “Maruseki”

So we had our second meeting at the Japanese restaurant “Maruseki”. While enjoying our lunch (which was quite delicious) we tried to keep our conversation going in german … yes, all of us, which means also Antti had to show off his verbal skills! It surprised me, that Antti preferred German-German to (my) Austrian-German. I have never noticed it myself, but apparently there are quite some differences when it comes to the language melody. My Austrian-German seems to be quite monotonous and it’ s harder for Antti to understand what I’m saying. Moreover, we discussed the two distinct forms of modern Finnish. The standard Finnish which is used in printed form and then the spoken Finnish, which is used in daily conversations. Since Antti explained that only elderly people and nerds used the standard Finnish during conversations, I’d better take a closer look at spoken Finnish! 😉

IMG_2939 IMG_2942 IMG_2944IMG_2941

#2 German-Finnish: Juicy meeting and comedy

Like this you can enjoy an each one teach one meeting!

On Thursday I had my “2nd meeting each one teach one day”. First I met Sonja at her Music Academy campus in the afternoon. She showed me around to the concert hall and the teaching rooms – it was interesting to see another campus of TAMK. Then we went in a coffee shop, which turns out to be a juice bar with fresh salads and smoothies. So we had a freshly-pressed orange juice and did some revision on the german-finnish vocabulary. Sonja tried to find out the meaning for kuuluu in “Mitä kuuluu?” (Wie geht’s? in German) but how often in Finnish it is hard to explain the origin of the words and combinations. So maybe it comes from “kuula” – hören/ to hear, because:

Sonja and me with yummy juice and vocabulary sheets

Minä kuulen sinua. – Ich höre dich – I hear you. 

And to be extra sure she taught me another way to say how are you:

Miten menee? – Tosi hyvä, kiitos!
Hullu! – verrückt (crazy)

With Paula I went to the free English Comedy Show in the O’Connels Bar. Before we did some vocabulary exchange and spoke German together. I learned:

Riittää! – Es reicht! 
hyt, heti, myöhemmin – jetzt, sofort, später

Heimat – German Oktoberfest in Tampere. Promo in O Connels Bar.

Then we enjoyed the show which was really fun. Recommendable! Every Wednesday there is an English-Finnish Quiz where we want to go together with Kristian from Poland and Sonja next time   🙂

Second meeting

It was very difficult for us to find a date where everybody of us will have time.  So around two weeks went by after the last meeting. We met each other in a Japanese restaurant at lunch time. It was really delicious! A great choice from Antti who suggested the restaurant.12084100_10207542431987050_1967025692_n

This time we asked Antti what he still can remember from his German lessons. Well I can imagine that is difficult to say this. So Chen and I just started to talk in German (in an easy way). In most of the cases he could understand the main sense and some question he even could reply in German. And if not we just helped him out with English or he just replied in English. We found out quickly that it’s a bit easier for him to understand me than Chen because she is coming from Austria. Of course she is speaking German as well but you still can hear an Austrian accent in her German.

In return we could ask Antti know some questions we had about Finish after the first lectures in Basics of Finish. We discussed about the ending –ssa and –lla: For example for Tampere you are using –lla (Tampereella) and for Helsinki –ssa (Helsinkissa).

And Antti told us that his family has a summer cottage next to a lake as most families do have one in Finland. And that you are celebrating there for example the Mid-summer called Juhannus. So you are meeting up with friends or family for drinks and barbecue. In addition to that we learned to say:

It was a good evening = Se oli hyvä itta


Ice Cream!!

Last Wednesday was our 2nd meeting. We meet at McDonald’s and eat some ice cream.

I always thought that McDonald’s has in every country the same offer but I was wrong. The German McDonald’s offer also for vegetarian Veggie-Burger or have special weeks but not in Hungary and Finland. And it is really weird that they offer only zero Fanta and zero Sprite in Finland.

We taught Erika and Eszter how to order in a Restaurant in German.

For example:
E: Ich hätte gerne ein Eis.
C: Das macht 1,50€. ….Bitte schön.
E: Danke! 😀

The 2nd meeting, finding your way en français

On Sunday 20.9. we met at the Coffee House with Alexandre, Sabrina, Christine and Lotta. All of us already had some French skills so we were able to introduce ourselves 🙂 We also spoke about our thoughts about France, which French cities we had already visited and why we want to learn this language. After we practiced asking and showing the way and ordering in a restaurant. Below my dialogues on these themes:

karttaSource of the picture: Vis-à-Vis, Beginning French

Demander le chemin
A: Excusez-moi, où puis-je trouver un bureau de poste, s’il vous plaît?
B: Le plus proche est dans la Route de la Reine. Vous voyez ce carrefour là?
Continuez tout droit et puis prenez la première rue à gauche. Le bureau est à votre droite juste à côté du supermarché.
A: Donc tout droit et après à gauche. Et est-ce que c’est loin d’ici?
B: Pas du tout, ça fait à peu prés 500m.
A: Merci beaucoup monsieur, bonne journée.
B: De rien, bonne journée.

Dans un restaurant
A: Bonjour, vous êtes combien?
B: Bonjour. On est deux personnes.
A: D’accord, vous pouvez prendre cette table là. Et voilá les cartes, voulez-vous quelque chose à boire?
B: Un cola et une petite bouteille de l’eau minérale s’il vous plaît.
A: Voilá les boissons, avez-vous choisi?
B: Oui, une pizza ‘quattro formaggi’ et une pizza ‘margherita’.
A: Voici votre pizzas, bon appétit.
B: Merci.
*Mangeant les pizzas delicieuses*

B: L’addition s’il vous plaît.
A: Ça fait 22,50€.
B: Je paye par carte.
*bip bip bip*
A: Merci, bonne soirée!
B: Merci au revoir!

Our next meeting will most probably be on Wednesday 30th and the language will be German!

The meeting number 1

Our big and international group of 10 people met for the first time at the Aussie bar in the evening of Sunday 13.9.  We had students from Germany, France, Russia and Finland.

We concentrated on getting to know each other, starting with a game to remember everybody’s names. Then we also discussed some few things about each country, such as the people, culture and habits. However, the music at Aussie bar was distrubingly loud so we left and spent a little while also in another bar.

The next meeting was fixed for Sunday 20.9, we decided to start by learning French and to have a different language each time. There were also some ideas on maybe having a meeting with a food, culture or movie theme.

After the first meeting, I’m looking forward to getting to know our group better 🙂

G vs. H vol 2.0

Our second meeting was on wednessday afternoon (I want to say: am MITTWOCH NACHMITTAG) in the McDonald’s.  The plan was eating ice cream,  especially eating  mini McFlurry because in here that is cheaper than the McFreeze…. HAHA 😀 So… I just had a café.

Besides this, if we were there we talked about the German-Hungarian McDonald’s connection. For example, in our country there aren’t Veggi Burger, but in Germany there are.



Eis = fagyi

Kaffee= kávé

What is in the burger:
Rindfliesch= marhahús
Käse= sajt
Tomate= paradicsom
Salat= saláta

Ich möchte ein mini McFlurry, bitte.
Kérek egy mini McFlurry-t.

Ich hätte gerne einen Kaffee mit Sahne.
Kérek egy kávét tejszínhabbal.


Dankeschön! Tschüss


Third meetings : learning Finnish!


On wed 23, sep. we had third meetings in school again, but in library. From this day, two new members Hai Yen and Daxue joined my group. So, we reviewed expressions that we learned in first meeting and then learned new things (to be, possessive pronoun, some words and verbs, grammar and places) as follows :

1443277805705_ 1443277837269_ 1443277852018_

‘To be’ expression, possessive pronoun and some words are quite familiar now. But verbs and and grammar that I learned today were totally unfamiliar. So Maria made some sentences in English and we practiced those into Finnish.

* To somewhere : -lle

  • Koululle
  • Talolle

* To somewhere (into) : -long vowel + n

  • Kouluun
  • Taloon

for example, Mä meen ravintolaan.

* To come from somewhere : -sta

  • for example, sä tuut sairaalasta.

I think I should practice these expressions more and more, and would be familiar!

And I hope we will meet at cafe or other places next time 😀