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Suomalainen ilta/ A finnish night!

This week we had our third meeting, which was hosted by us, the finnish girls. We all prepared some food for the evening, including meatballs, mashed potateos and karelian pastries. We also served them some Salmari (an alcoholic beverage that tastes like salmiakki) – almost everyone seemed to actually like it, which was surprising! As we were eating and having a good time, we also learned some basic finnish phrases like “Hyvää ruokahalua” or “Kippis” (or as Ani would say, “Hölkyn kölkyn”).

Then it was time for some teaching and learning! Paola and Sofia had made us these awesome kind of summaries of spanish pronunciation! So for the rest of the evening we just learned how to pronounce things, learned new words and teached them some new finnish words. As always we also compared and talked about cultural stuff a lot, which is always nice.

The thing that I like the most about our each one teach one- meetings is, that the teaching or learning does not feel dull or boring, it just feels like hanging with a bunch of friends!


Learning Finnish &Teaching Korean!


In my group, there were three Chinese members, two Korean members including me and one Finnish members at first and second meetings. After 2nd meeting two new members (one girl is from Vietnam and the other guy is from China) joined. Actually we already met two times, but I forgot to write a post, so I’m posting about our two meetings.

On Friday 11. sep, we had a first meeting at cafeteria in TAMK and learned basics of Finnish from Maria. It was the first time that I learn finnish. So, Maria taught us greetings (Moi, Moikka, Terve, Moro), introduction expressions (“Minä olen…”,  Minun nimi on…”, “Olen ~sta/lta”, Olen ~vuotias”) , basic grammar (Minä olen, Sinä olet, Se on, Me ollaan, Te ootte, Ne on, mun, sun, median, sen, teidan etc) and some words (suklaa, ruoka, nauta, maito, jäätelö). For this class I could introduce myself in Suomi now. → ” Moi ! Hauska tavata. Minä olen Jimin. Olen Koreasta. Mun kotikaupunki on Seoul. Olen kaksikymmentäyksi vuotias. Mun laukku on oranssi. Nähdään! ” At this meetings, I learned a lottt!! It was so interesting time because for me the pronunciation of suomi is funny! I think I will really enjoy learning Finnish.

On Wed 16, sep. we had a second meeting at school again. This day, it’s time to teach Korean to our members. Two Chinese members are beginner in studying Korean but  Maria has already studied Korean and can speak Korean. So Jiyoon and I decided to teach Korean separately. Jiyoon taught “Hangul” which is the letter of Korea (consonants and vowels) and grettings to Chinese members. And I taught some expressions based on things that Maria learned in Korean class. What I taught expressions are following as : comparative, prepositions, new verbs and grammar (eg: I must, I have to ~).  Maria was quite good at learning Korean 😀

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These are things that I learned finnish from 1st meeting!



#1Finnish German Girls Meeting

Hey I am Lisa, media student and from Berlin, Germany. I am in the Each One Teach One to learn Finnish because I think that is the best language I could learn at the moment because I can practice it directly in my everyday life. In opposite I am able to teach German and a bit of French. Therefore I found two partners, Paula and Sonja. In general I am meeting them independently so always one by one but we also plan to have meeting together for example to cook something German or Finnish or watch an Ice hockey match.

Paula is also practising her Polish with a Polish guy, so there would be four of us. Paula’s German is quite good so we are more talking and she is refreshing her language skills like this and learning new things while speaking. Sonja has no skills at all, so I teach her the very basics of Germany which is almost the same for me with Finnish but she is also interested to learn some French. I learned French for six years in the high school and did an au pair near Strasbourg.

Last week Monday I had my first meeting with Paula at the main campus. We were first getting an overview of the whole each one teach one course together and after this exchanged some vocabulary. I was asking for the words of fruits and vegetables because I am always confused in the supermarket when I understand nothing. I learned for example:

mansikka – strawberry
päärynä – perry
viinirypäle – grape
omena – apple

Besides we did the verb conjugation of “love – rakastaa” and “like – pitää“, which really showed me how difficult this language is, there are definitely too many exceptions! For the next meeting I would like to learn the colours and numbers in Finnish.

Coffee on a boat in the harbour of Tampere
Coffee on a boat in the harbour of Tampere

Sonja I met on Saturday for a coffee in the city center. It was a nice and sunny day and we found a cozy café on a boat at the harbour. Sonja is from Oulo and studying music education and she said it is quite a change of northern Finland to come to Tampere. Then we learned some basic vocabulary like “Wie geht’s?” (How are you) or “Ich komme aus Finnland” (I am from Finland) and the same for me in Finnish. I can repeat the sentences a thousand times and still not remember them the next time – hope this will get better with my two teachers! Additionally she taught me how to order a coffee:

Minä haluaisin (yksi) latte macchiato.

Now I am ready the next time when we will drink coffee together!

The first vocabulary sheets :D
The first vocabulary sheets 😀



Third meeting, Finnish & Spanish


Last Tuesday we had our third meeting, and we were at Emilia’s place. It supposed to be Finnish night, but we also studied little bit of Spanish. We Finnish girls made some Finnish food like meatballs, mashed potatoes, Karelian pasty’s etc. Then was this “beginning toast”, and we served little bit of Salmari for everyone. You should seen those faces when they drank that, hahah! But food was good and the company even better 🙂

We wrote every foods name to paper in Finnish, English and Spanish. Like “perunamuusi, mashed potatoes, pure dé patatas”. Then we also teach some other Finnish words to others.

Our Mexican girls, Paola and Sofia had also some papers with them. There was some Spanish vocabulary, and we were teaching Spanish and Finnish words for each others. We planned to play Afrikan tähti, too but the time was running so fast (because we had so great time) that we decide to play the game some other time.

I don’t know yet, what are we going to do next time, but I’m really looking forward to it. We have so great group, and I would like to get to know each others even better.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Third meetings

Third meeting is also same place and same time.

Two people join our group because they want to learn Korean.

this time Tengfei Liu and Wenquan missed because they had a volunteer for a meeting.

So, Maria, Yen,  Daashe, Huiyui, Jimin and me learn Finnish at library.

We review first meeting because people who join our group don’t know what we do and taught some verbs and adjectives.

  • To be
    • olen oon
    • sa oot
    • se on
    • me ollaan
    • te ootte
    • he on
  • To come
    • tuun
    • tuut
    • tulee
    • tullaan
    • tuutte
    • tulee
  • To go
    • meen
    • meet
    • menee
    • mennaan
    • meette
    • menee


Also, to somewhere -> add -iie

ex) kouluiie

And to somewhere (into) -> add longvowel +n

ex) taloon, kouluun

It is many thing to remember but Maria is good teacher.

I think I will have to study this things :).

first meeting at TAMK


So, the first meeting, we met 9.Sep at tamk. I learned Finnish. Maria taught how can we introduce and some grammar. Therefore, I can speak my name is … , my hometown is … , I am from … . Also, some greetings such as hi, how are you, nice to meet you. Moreover, some grammar such as verbs, subject. Finally, I can introduce myself in Finnish and describe something. I think it is quite many things but Maria taught us very well. So, it is very good and fun.



2nd meeting: Bonjour!

On Sunday we had our 2nd Each One Teach One Meeting in Coffehouse at Keskustori.
As we have three or four languages in our group we decided to learn another language every week. This week we learnt a bit French.
We were rather a small group this time and Alexandre succeded in teaching Jaana, Lotta, Sabrina and me French. As we all have a bit of knowledge in this language we started with introducing ourselves. After that we did ordering in restaurants and asking for the way.

spargel_38252 2015-09-24 13_19_19-Élysée-Palast nach Palais de Tokyo - Google Maps

Bonjour! Je suis Christine Schuler. J’ai 25 ans. En Allemagne j’habite á une village petit une heure l’écart de Stuttgart. Le nom de la village est Deißlingen et je l’aime vivre y parce-que partie de mon famille habite y aussi. Dans mes temps libre j’aime chanter, jouer au piano et lire.


A: Bonjour!
B: Bonjour.
A: Je suis perdu. Est-ce que vous savoir oú nous sommes et comment je peux aller á le Palais d’ Elysées?
B: Bien sur. Nous sommes ici. Dans la Avenue de President Wilson. Vous debez aller tout droite et puis prendre la Avenue Montaigne. Dans la Avenue Montaigne vous debez aller tout droite de nouveau. Quand vous etes á la rue de Fauburg Saint-Honoré vous tournez a droite et souivez la route. L’Elysée est sur votre droite.
A: Merci beaucoup!!
B: De rien.
A: Salut.
B: Salut.

Dans le restaurant
A: Bonjour.
B: Bonjour.
A: Je voudrais avoir une table pour cinq personnes.
B: Une moment, s’il vous plait.
A: Oui, c’est pas de problème.
B: Il y a une table libre a la fenêtre. Est-ce que vous voulez prendre cette table?
A: Oui.
B: Suivez-moi, s’il vous plait.

B: Voilà la carte, madame.
A: Merci bien.

B: Avez vous choisi?
A: Oui je tiens á coq au vin et un verre de la Bordeaux, s’il vous plait.

B: Voilà. Bon Appetit.
A: Merci!

B: ça été bon?
A: Oui, trés bon. La dicion s’il vous plait.

B: ça fait 40€.

Each one teach one Polish & Finnish 2 meeting

At the second meeting we have gone through some basics of Finnish and Polish.

Joo = Tak

Ei = Nie

En puhu Suomea = Nie mowię po fińsku

(Yks) olut Kitts = Jedno piwo poproszę

Saisinko olutta kiitos – Czy mogę poprosić piwo?

Iso vai pieni? Duze lub Male

Paljonko Se maksaa? = Ile to kosztuje?

1 = yks(i), 2 = kaks(i), 3 = kolme, 4 = heljä, 5 = viis(i)

6 = kuus(i), 7 = seitsemän, 8 = kahdeksän/kasi, 9 = yhdeksän/ysi

10 = kymmenen/kymppi

11 – 19 + toista

20 + kymmentä

30 + kolmekymmentä

40 + heljäkymmentä

Toistaisitko? Proszę powtórzyć


Each one teach Polish & Finnish 1 meeting

At our first meeting we have established preliminary plan and created our goals, expectation and tasks.

Goals: Learning Finnish-Polish, better known polish and finnish culture.

Expectation: Improve Polish and Finnish language skills, have a good communication, meet at least 10 times.

Tasks: One meeting per week, writing progress from meetings, active participation in every meeting.

Doppelt gemoppelt aka the 1st lession

The first session when we really got to sit down with Lisa in Tamko for some quality tea time went really smoothly. We got to go through some basic Finnish skills, from greetings to something that was of her interest; learning vegetable and fruit names in order to be sure what things cost in for example Lidl. We also discussed some basic verb forms and why to hug and to want something can be easially mixed in Finnish. Since the conversation was flowing more or less naturally auf Deutsch, we could master the time by learning both German and Finnish. We also discussed better about the plan what to do and when to meet the next times. Waiting for the next session!