Kivi, paperi, sakset! … and the same in Korean

Today we had our fifth meeting at my place. The evening was not hosted by me though, since we had a Korean night. Sohee came to my place a little early to prepare us bibimbab (which was delicious by the way :)) I was proud of myself for handling the heat – I can still say that I like spicy food 😀 Sohee had also made us little cards with our names in them in korean. Cute!

After that we played a game Sohee said is pretty common in korea, which is based on Rock, paper, scissors. It’s a bit hard to explain, but it contains a lot of uncomfrotable positions, some hand-slapping and a lot of laughter. We mixed it up a little by always having to say the “rock-paper-scissors”- part in a another language. For example us finns had to say it either in korean: “gawi-bawi-bo” (geez I hope that’s somewhere near right) or in spanish: “piedra-papel-tijera”. It was fun!

Lastly, Pao taught us about the meanings and differences of spanish verbs ser and estar. As usual, Paola had made us a wonderful paper (or picture) with explanations and examples. I think it was actually the simplest thing we have learned so far, and still I’ll probably have problems with it 😀 Baby steps!

Me and Sohee both hurt ourselves while preparing the food 😀 Toothpaste and bandages to the rescue!
I got to escape the game and eat candy for the sake of this picture (not staged at all)

All in all, it was nice to get to know korean culture and more of our group. A lovely evening! WP_20151027_18_46_36_Pro


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