First meeting and Mexican independence party!

Yes. So Late posting it is. haha

Team member : Sohee, Pao, Sofia, Venla, Ami, Julius, Christal, Jenna, Emilia, Bianca

It’s about our team’s first meeting and Mexican independence day party.

We had a first meeting at  in the cafe near the Keskustori.

At the first meeting, we decided our plan and kinda theme.

Our team have quite diverse nationality.(Finland, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, South Korea)

But Everyone want to learn a Spanish.

So basically Pao and Sofia will teach Spanish on every meeting,

and each meeting will be decided about which country we will focus on.

With that decision, we will share the culture, food or language and so on at that meeting.

For example, on Next meeting we planed to go to Mexican independence party.

Sofia, Paola and other mexican people organized the party.

We could eat so many kinds of mexican food like Quesadilla.

With mexican friends, we could learn some mexican culture.

To me, the most impressive thing was that Spanish guy was enjoying the mexican independence party.

It’s really different cultural experiences to me,

and made me think about international culture much deeper than before.

By the way, the party was so funny, happy and kind!

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