Meeting #3

Meeting 3: Burger Restaurant 03.10.2015

Dear all,
For our third meeting we met at the burger restaurant “Jack the Rooster” as we were told that it is one of the best burger restaurants in Tampere. We met in front of the restaurant and when we saw each other, we tried to use the things we have learned and tried to introduce our self in spanish and Oscar in german. It was still quite hard, but we managed to do so. While eating our very delicious burgers, we talked about different things like our experiences in the university or things we did during the last days. After some time we taught each other again how to order food in spanish/ german. In addition, we tried again to explain some basic things in spanish and we tried to explain Oscar how to pronounce some very difficult german words. Afterwards we went home again by bus and talked about the things we have learned. This was again a very funny and interesting meeting and I personally learned a lot about being with students from other countries and especially about the spanish language.

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