1st meeting: FC Ilves – HJK Helsinki

After writing our preliminary plan, we were both excited about the course, and thinking about thinks we could do during our meetings. As a first meeting we decided to do something that we are both interested in, so we bought tickets for the football match of FC Ilves against HJK Helsinki. It was a good way to start our Each One Teach One course, because we could talk about a shared interest at first, instead of teaching each other a specific thing about our culture.


It was a nice and sunny day to spend in the stadium of FC Ilves, and the best thing was that Ilves also won the game against the number one of the league. The game was actually better than we both expected. We even recognized some of the players, which makes it always more interesting to watch.

We decided to learn some German/Dutch during the game. In this way we are able combine a nice activity with actually learning something about Switzerland. Some words I learned during the match are, for example:

  • Referee : Schiedsrichter
  • Football pitch : Spielfeld
  • Goal : Tor
  • Offside: Abseits
  • Linesman : Linienrichter
  • Players : (Fussball)spieler

It was a good way to start our Each One Teach One course, and hope that some nice meetings will follow this one.

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