Finnish night!

With our Whats app chatting, we decided to have a Finnish night in Emilia’s place.

So we met in her place on 22. Sep.

They prepared so much food for us.

There were lihapyörykkä(meat ball), perunamuusia(mashed potato),

munavoi(egg salad), monki(donut) ect.

Everything was so delicious.

And eating monki, we tried to eat without getting sugar on our mouth

like Finnish! 🙂


After that we learned about Spanish from Sofia and paola.

With very good paper, we can learn about the pronounces of spanish.

Especially, practicing tung twister was funny.






2 thoughts on “Finnish night!

  1. Such a lovely picture of your group! Oh, and nice that you got to try out eating “munkki” without getting sugar on your lips. That’s a challenge for sure!

    1. Yes it was so funny! Haha Actually I cannot eat even just one bite without getting sugar on my lips!

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