Russian aplahbet! #6

Yesterday, i met my group in wayne’s coffee in koskikatu 7! It’s been a while that we hadn’t in group.

So, During this meeting we have learn the Russian alphabet which is quite complicated. indeed it is composed by 32 letters, and most of theses letters come from Greece alhabet. So it is very different by certain aspect with my alphabet. We also learn their pronunciation which is the same with the french alphabet sometimes but the position of the letter is different.


We also learn the number from 1 to 10 with their pronunciation.

1 – оди́н [adín]
2 – два [dva]
3 – три [trí]
4 – четы́ре [chitúir’e]
5 – пять [p’at’]
6 – шесть [shest’]
7 – семь [sem’]
8 – во́семь [vósim’]
9 – де́вять [d’évit’]
10 – де́сять [d’ésit’]

After that we talk about other things like is we have question about their language, country. Sabrina and Christine made a little course of german too at the end . So they can see where was our level in this language for the next German lesson.

It was an interesting, and funny appointment, i’m looking forward the next meeting!


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