My First Finnish Class

Date: Sept. 11

Place: Library

Language: Finnish

I really want to learn some finnish after 1 month’s living here. It must be useful to learn some basic words and sentences if I live in Finland. So I just decided to join another group’s meeting and learn. So it comes to my first finnish class on Sept.  11.

I have to say we were so lucky to get such a good finnish teacher Maria. She is a beautifu finnish girl and she can also speak basic Japanese. We met at the front door of library and began our class.

IMG_20151121_232149        IMG_20151121_232203

I was so suprised to get 2 pages of teaching material. It shows some basic finnish sentences of greetings, self introduction. And there’s also grammar part and vocabulary part of this class. After the class I got to know some basic pronouciation regulation. I can basically read all the finnish words when I saw them. But the most difficult part is the grammar, which really freaked me out. The verb will change when following different words. I have to remember so many rules of Finnish. Anyway, I was so glad to know how to introduce myself in a simple way.

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