Meeting #8

Meeting 8: Cinema- James Bond- Spectre 07.11.2015

Dear all,
For our next meeting we decided to go to the cinema and watch the new James Bond film “Spectre”. Before, we met at a bar next to the cinema to talk a bit about the German and Mexican film tradition. In addition, we again repeated some of the things we have learned during our last meeting when we went to the Miami Club together. After that, we watched the film and of course in the cinema it is not possible to talk a lot.


This is why we decided to go to a bar again after the movie, to talk a bit about “Spectre”. We tried to explain our feelings by using some Spanish words. Later on, we went home by bus together and talked about the next meetings we are going to have. All in all, this was again a great meeting, as it was totally different from the others and as we learned something about the film tradition of the other ones country.

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