6th meeting: Christmas

Our 6th meeting was at the 20th of November and it was about Christmas:)

Christmas in our countries are not the same.Czech Republic and Hong Kong celebrate Christmas at the 24th of December, we celebrate Christmas in Russia at the 7th of January.

Christmas in Czech Republic is named Štědrý den, it means “Generous Day”.Dinner is

Vánočka, Czech Christmas Bread

served after sunset (traditionally, it should not be served until after the first star has come out) and consists of carp and potato salad, sometimes preceded by mushroom, sauerkraut or fish soup.

A traditional Christmas bread called vánočka (similar to the Jewish challa).

Czech children believe that Christmas gifts are brought by Baby Jesus (Ježíšek) who comes into the room through the window to leave the presents. Unlike Santa Claus, Baby Jesus is a rather abstract figure with no particular physical image attached to him, and no one knows where he lives. Just like Santa though, he receives wish-list letters from Czech children a few weeks before Christmas.

And this is traditional czech songs for Christmas.

This meeting was interesting for me because traditions areso different in our countries

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