Each one teach one Polish & Finnish 10 meeting

The last meeting! We met on Tuesday (24.11). I think this was the best meeting, cause we cooked munkki! This is smt what i will remember in Poland and for sure i will make it. I know how to make it and i will share with you, what you need to do.

2 packages of dried active yeast (15g)
½ cup water
1 ½ cups milk
50 g warm butter
1 teaspoon salt
½ cup marble syrup (or honey)
2 teaspoon cardamom (spices which makes the black points in munkki)
2 eggs
6 cups of flour (1 cup = 140g, 6 cups = 840g)
½ liter oil (depends on your pot or pan)
50g of sugar
1 egg for the glaze and sugar

When you have this stuffs, just make like in the picture (picture)


Then the next step is boil in the oil (picture)


..and finally that are munkki (picture)


I enjoyed the eating 🙂


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