Food Party

We had a food party before Halloween on October. 30 in one of our goup members’ apartment.


He’s been to Spain and made us some Spainish food. Such as soup with baken bread. And I made milk-tasted chicken and potato salad. Actually that is some kind of European food I’ve bought once and I really like it. So I just tried several times making it and that turned out to be really not bad. I was glad that others liked it. The 2 korean girls made some traditional food and it looked and tasted so korean. And kind of like Chinese food probably because these two countries are both Asian countries. We also enjoyed the wines and talked a lot about wine. This topic will never stop in a finnish table.


Maria prepared a dessert and it tasted so good. I really like the way finnish make dessert. They have so many defferent ways to make them, which is quite new for me.

After dinner some of us would go to the Halloween party so they just started making up.


We took lots of pictures. It’s always fun with everybody.

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