On our ninth meeting we went to a Finnish lake. It was a bit too cold for bathing in the lake and going to the sauna as we originally planned, but we watched a beautiful sunset.

We went to the Rauhaniemi beach in the north of Tampere, because sometimes you can see the northern lights. We had no luck though.


While there we learned some last bits of Finnish and planned out our last meeting.  We didn’t really want to learn about how to form sentences in Finnish because we did not know enough words yet, but we talked about how the language works and behaves.

  • The Finnish language does not have a male/female/neutral form.
  • There is too many cases (15) and types of nouns and adjectives (22).


I think the mechanics of the language were quite easy to understand, but actually memorizing all these weird new words is a bit of a challenge. However, I did remember the words we learned first already, because I hear them in real life every day and it is a lot easier to remember them this way.

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