8th meeting: nature and national parks

Our 8th meeting was at the 24th of November. We discussed nature of our countries.

Czech Republic has got 4 national parks. The most famous and the biggest is national park “Šumava”. This park was established in 1991 and its area is 944.8 km2. The highest mountain is called “sněžka” and its from word snow, because in czech the snow is “sníh” and sněžka is word form of it .

Hong Kong is on the costal area and it has a lot special nature screary . For example the hexagon stone. It can only be found in Hong Kong and Ireland. We have a lot of country park for hiking and leisure. For the hexagon stone is already part of World Nature Heritage.
Hong Kong havs a lot of islands for relaxing. One of Jenny`s favourite island is called the Lantau. It have a lot of beach and a fantastic cycling trait. The local have a lot of amazing food. Her favourite desert is mango desert, it is also a must to try when you are there.
Beach is also fantasic there. In summer, many people will go and swim or BBQ.

After their stories I really want to see this beautiful nature by myself and may be sometime I will do it:)



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