Some hot chocolates and doughnuts…

On 22 of November we were supposed to have our meeting in Pyynikki Observation tower café. It was really cold and it was already dark outside and I also had problems with my leg, so instead of climbing up to the hill we decided to go to Keskustori`s Munkkikahvila.
There was Chrystal, Sofia, Paola, Emilia and me. We went inside to that cosy café and thought that there would have been warm, but it wasn´t. It was freezing in there. We decided to buy some hot chocolate and doughnuts.
After we had finished our hot chocolates and doughnuts, we started to think how to learn Spanish and Finnish this time. After a while Sofia and Paola suggested that we could play some game called Basta.
That was really nice way to learn some new words because we were able to use all three languages English, Spanish and Finnish. I think that everyone learnt some new words in this way. After that we also learned colours, fruits and berries in Spanish. Girls also told us the funny children´s game that we could try sometime. The game was called Declaro la guerra en contra de mi peor enemigo gue es…/ I declare war against my worst enemy that is… That would also be nice way to learn some Spanish.

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