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The 7th meeting: Russian – Finnish

This time Emma ask about verbs that belongs to the kitchen and ingestion. We also train how they could be conjugated by person.


At the rest of the lesson we considered that knowing days of the week also quite important.


It was funny to notice for me and also for Emma that in Russian there are not same endings like in other languages (for ex. English: monDAY, tuesDAY…., German: MonTAG, DiensTAG…; Finnish: maananTAI, tiisTAI and so on.), each ending is different. At the end of the lesson I gave the names of the main Russian holidays and how to congratulate with Happy Birthday.

The 5th meeting: Russian-Finnish

Follow my preliminary plan we have continued with colors.


Side by side I learn german now and teaching language is finnish and I of corse have problems with understanding.  I watched v ideos at home with russian polyglot who teaches german and liked his way of teaching – big part was given to verbs. I decided to do the same and we went through main verbs

English-verbs-in-cards-2 (1)imgeng002 (1)

and I explained to Emma the conjugation of verbs. In Russian language we have two conjugation: 1st and 2nd.




#9 German-Finnish: Movie night

For our nights meeting we wanted to watch a movie together. First we thought a Finnish one, because then me and Krystian could improve a bit but in the end it would be all in English, so we decided to watch a German movie because then Krystian and Paula could improve their skills. So we watched:

“Almanya – Willkommen in Deutschland” (begin 0:18)

The film is about a turkish immigrated family in Germany and shows some funny klichees of the Germans. On the other side it is interesting because the discussion with foreigners is very present at the moment because of the refugees, so that was an interesting comparison. While watching they learned some new words:

Gastarbeiter – guest worker
Ossis – People from Eastern Germany
Decke – blanket (and ceilings)
Beerdigung – funeral – hautajaiset
Sarg – coffin
Grab – grave – hauta (a bit ad words because the grandpa died on the trip)

But I was impressed how good the both understand the movie!

Although this meeting was a bit more for German we repeated a bit the verbs in negative form because I will have my Finnish exam:

not to be / ei olla:
minä  en ole
sinä et ole
hän ei ole
me emme ole
te ette ole
he eivät ole

not to have/ minulla ei-structure:
minulla ei ole
sinulla ei ole
hänellä ei ole
meillä ei ole
teillä ei ole
heillä ei ole

After the meetings I am always very satisfied with the Finnish language repetition because I can use things I learned in my basic course in university in the everyday life and to talk to Paula is a unique possibility to learn all the cool, trendy words in Finnish and to explore the language together. It also shows me new things in my own language which you would never mind as a native speaker.

OOOhh next time is already the last meeting!


Waaaaaoooowwww on friday (27.11) was the 10th meeting 🙁 It’s so sad, because the time elapsed really fast, just a few weeks and we will be at home. I’m so happy that I met Hannah and Christina (& of course Erika but she is also hungarian)  who taught some interesting issus about Germany.  As for me it was quite hard to teach to each other, but it was really funny. 🙂

In the last time we spoke about the winter sports. It is really popular in Germany, mostly the skiing. They are lucky because they have a lot of ski slope and I’m so envy 😀 Unfortunately we have just 3, that’s why if we want to go to ski (to a good ski slope), we have to go to the neightbouring countries. I hope that once I will have a chance to go to Germany.

Ich liebe es Ski zu fahren, aber ich möchte auch Snowboarden ausprobieren. / I like skiieng, but I would like to try the snowbooarding./

Skifahren                            síelés                      skiing
Schlittschuhlaufer         (jég)korizás           iceskating
Schlitten fahren              szánkózás               sledding
Icekunstlaufen                jégtánc                      figure skating
Schneeballschlacht      hógolyózás             snowballfight
Skispringen                      síugrás                      skijumping

All in all, the EOTO was an awesome experience whereby I could meet 3 nice girl!!! Thank you  DANKE SCHÖN  Köszönöm szépen!!!!! 🙂 <3

9th meeting at Vapriikki


Born and raised in Tampere but never been to Vapriikki. What a shame. I have always planned to go there and now I finally went there.


We went there on Tuesday night and unfortunately we didn’t have that much time to spent there so I might have to go there again. We went through the Tampere history exhibition, rock museum and natural history parts. We also had a short look at the Finnish ice hockey part.


Overall we learned something about the history of Tampere and saw how big the moose can be (we had a long talk about it). After Vapriikki our mexicans were hungry so we head to McDonald’s in my case to have some ice cream.



8th meeting, munkki and ¡Basta!


our 8th meeting took place in Pyynikin munkkikahvila at Keskustori. We were supposed to go to Pyynikki but Keskustori was enough for us this time:) Ani, Chrystal, Sofia, Paola and I didn’t really have anything planned for the night except to eat some munkki and take hot cocoa with it.


Sofia and Paola taught us this game called ¡Basta! which means stop in Spanish. In the game we had one letter that we had to figure out words and names starting with that letter. It was pretty hard but we decided that we would use either Finnish, English or Spanish.


All you needed for the game was piece of paper and a pencil. After playing the game Sofia and Paola taugh us fruits and colors in Spanish because during the game the hardest part was to figure out those things:)


I don’t know why I mixed three languages in my paper but I guess it’s too hard to think in three different languages at the same time.


Meeting 6 – Oktoberfest

Dear all,

On the 22nd of October, we met for our 6th meeting at the Oktoberfest party. As German food was already a topic last time, I concentrated my teaching to Oscar on typical German and Bavarian traditions and the way Germans use humor and jokes. This session was very interesting, because it underlined the cultural differences like no other meeting. My explanations of all the important German annual celebrations like carnival or Oktoberfest made Oscar look rather confused, as he obviously could not identify or relate to them at all. It was a session where I was actually in the role of the teacher all the time and didn’t learn much. At least we found one similarity: There is abig carnival tradition in Mexico as well.

Food Party

We had a food party before Halloween on October. 30 in one of our goup members’ apartment.


He’s been to Spain and made us some Spainish food. Such as soup with baken bread. And I made milk-tasted chicken and potato salad. Actually that is some kind of European food I’ve bought once and I really like it. So I just tried several times making it and that turned out to be really not bad. I was glad that others liked it. The 2 korean girls made some traditional food and it looked and tasted so korean. And kind of like Chinese food probably because these two countries are both Asian countries. We also enjoyed the wines and talked a lot about wine. This topic will never stop in a finnish table.


Maria prepared a dessert and it tasted so good. I really like the way finnish make dessert. They have so many defferent ways to make them, which is quite new for me.

After dinner some of us would go to the Halloween party so they just started making up.


We took lots of pictures. It’s always fun with everybody.


On our ninth meeting we went to a Finnish lake. It was a bit too cold for bathing in the lake and going to the sauna as we originally planned, but we watched a beautiful sunset.

We went to the Rauhaniemi beach in the north of Tampere, because sometimes you can see the northern lights. We had no luck though.


While there we learned some last bits of Finnish and planned out our last meeting.  We didn’t really want to learn about how to form sentences in Finnish because we did not know enough words yet, but we talked about how the language works and behaves.

  • The Finnish language does not have a male/female/neutral form.
  • There is too many cases (15) and types of nouns and adjectives (22).


I think the mechanics of the language were quite easy to understand, but actually memorizing all these weird new words is a bit of a challenge. However, I did remember the words we learned first already, because I hear them in real life every day and it is a lot easier to remember them this way.

7th meeting:our cities and favourite places

Our 7th meeting was at the 22th of November and we discussed our cities and favourite places.

We met at evening and it was already too dark for good photos but we tried:)

So,Martina lives in Brno. She likes it  because its quite big but not capital city.There are everything like in Prague, good restaurants, good bars, shops, cafés, lot of interesting places and also its called “student city” because there are lot of students.Her house is few minutes near “Vila tugendhat”(it is unesco building). It has very modern architecture. Her favourite place is “Petrov”, it is a hill with church and there is lot of restaurants and  restaurant called “Piazza” in main square “náměstí Svobody” and they cook italian meals, pizza and lot of fish. She think that  Brno should be important city for future, because it is technology center in Czech republic and lot of companies are opening their offices rather in Brno than Prague.

And Jenny is from Hong Kong and she show us her city.


It is really different, a lot of huge buildings with glass and modern architecture.  In Saint-Petersburg city center no buildings with modern architecture and higher than 6 floors, because city government has got politics that city center should be historical.

This meeting was interesting for me because I never have been in Brno or Hong Kong and it is nice to see how citizens saw their cities.