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8th 22.11 Russian Lunch ♡

Last weekend, we ate together Korean food.

So this week, we ate Russian food together. Yura,me, Dasha, and Svieta. Svieta is Dasha’s friend. We ate soup and the name of soup was Borsh= Борщ
and the cabbage pie was Kapystnyi pirog= Капустный пирог. I saw first time that cabbage in the pie, and it’s so delicious and if feels like heathy food. Actually I think it is healthy. I really want to learn cabbage pie, and I want to cook to my mom. I guess my mom really like that food. Also, that soup was so delicious, too. I really like Russian food. =)


eoto Russia lunch


Each one teach one Polish & Finnish 9 meeting

On Wednesday (18.11) we went to the O’connell Irish Pub. On Wednesday there is a Quiz. The questions were not easy especially for me, but we gained the 3rd place!



During the quiz i have had time to ask about the words in Finnish. The words i remember are:
Tulla – to come,
Lähteä – to live,
olla kotosin – be from,
ostaa – to buy,
ottaa – to take.
Moreover i had an oportunity to practise my finnish with the barkeeper. I order the beer with the following sentence: Iso olut kiitos!

Mennään museoon!

The most recent (and the last meeting for me) took place in Vapriikki Museum last Tuesday (24/11). Despite having lived in Tampere for a little more than 2 years, it is a shame to say that I have not been to Vapriikki before. So, I’m glad that we chose it to be our meeting place to learn about Tampere and all things Finnish!

Photo from Museokompassi

Student price, 4€. Free entrance on Fridays from 3–6pm. You can also get a free entry coupon from Opiskelijan Tampere. (Found this with a google search, definitely not paid by anyone to promote it.)

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True Finns – A comedic look at life in Finland

Yesterday a part of our group were at the True Finns show at O’Connell’s. True Finns is a live comedy show that explores Finnish culture and stereotypes in hopes to understandtruefinns what life in Finland is like for both Finns and Foreigners. One of the comedian was a Finn, the other one was an American.

At the beginning of the show the topic was Thanksgiving because the Americans celebrated that yesterday.  The comedians called some random guys of the audience on the stage and asked them what they know about this public holiday. Soon we, as non-americans, could imagine how this day is celebrated: Many people eat dimensions of food and talk about nonsense, and that for hours. After that the two comedians showed funny newspaper articles and made jokes about them.


After a short break the topic of the show was “pikkujoulut”, what means little christmas. Pikkujoulut are small celebrations before christmas (usually from companies or associations) where the people drink much alcohol. The comedians called one guy on the stage and asked them about pikkujoulut and that was really funny. He said that he usually not remembers anything and the word alcohol describes the thing the best. After that they showed us ten advices what you should not do at pikkujoulut like choosing wisely who to take home because you have to work with some persons the whole year.


In the last part of the show they searched on Twitter for hashtags which are related to pikkujoulut like #hangover or #adultery. The audience could choose the searched terms. The comedians and three others made an impro about these terms. It was really funny.

For me the evening at O’Connell’s was very funny and I learned much about Finnish and American culture. I was surprised that I understood everything, so my English knowledge increased a lot since I’m here in Finland.






Munkki and ¡Basta!

Last Sunday (22/11) was my 9th meeting with my EOTO group mates, which was also rather spontaneous because of our schedules again. Still, five of us – Ani, Emilia, Sofia, Paola and I gathered, went to Pyynikin Munkkikahvila in the city centre, ordered hot chocolate and munkki and proceeded with our EOTO session.


To which, it was a little awkward at first because we didn’t come well-prepared with study materials, since we had to have at least one meeting that week. We talked about how our day went and some general things about the weather (“hace mucho frio” – It is very cold). But luckily for us, Sofia and Paola taught us how to play this wonderful word game called ¡Basta!, which means “Stop!” in Spanish. It’s really amazing how these simple games that you picked up during childhood can be used as language learning material for others.

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2nd meeting: Slovenian vocabulary session

As unbelievable as it sounds someone actually wants to learn a Slavic language spoken by two million people. So on the second meeting we met in TAMK library to learn Slovenian vocabulary. On the beginning we just talked about Slovenian language in general. It is one of the rare languages that is using dual (singular, dual, plural), the form for only two people. It also has 3 letters that are not common: č, š and ž. It also uses the letter J instead of I oftenly. We started with “simple” everyday phrases:

hello – pozdravljeni, zdravo, živjo

goodbye – na svidenje, zbogom, adijo

please – prosim

thank you – hvala

yes – da, ja

no – ne

excuse me – oprostite (mi)

How are you?- Kako se imate? (firm), Kako se imaš?

My name is Joan. – Moje ime je Joan.

good morning- dobro jutro

good afternoon- dober dan

good evening- dober večer

good night- lahko noč

We worked on correct pronunciation, and for practicing at home I know of the game to play ( When we got fed up with the vocabulary we listened to some chill out Slovenian music, I showed him different artist, but mostly Vlado Kreslin.



In the sixth session, it was time to watch a movie. We (actually my 3-year-old daughter) chose Disney’s Frozen. The movie was spoken in Finnish but it has English subtitles.

I think that this was the most difficult challenge for my partner. Speaking was quite fast and the translations were visible only for short moment. But of course, many words were repeated several times and I think my partner learned some new words.

Next session will probably be the biggest challenge for me. I think there will be a German language movie for me next time.

Miina ja Manu (Mandy and Andy)

Fifth meeting was placed in our home. It’s was time to take a look at the children’s books.

When I was four years old I already could read. At my daycare place I was the only kid who could read. Many many times I read comics and children’s books to other kids.

After the nanny retired, she asked me if I would like to have some children’s books.

Now it was time to wipe the dust off the books and timetravel back to the golden 80’s.

We took a closer look at one of my all-time favorite children’s books, “Miinan ja Manun Käytöskirja”. The title translated is “Miina’s and Manu’s Behavior book”. It’s book about two cats in different situations. In most of the cases there were two takes. In the first, Manu is behaving badly. In the second take Manu is behaving correctly.

The scenes were about greed, apology, helping the smaller and the weaker, staying in queue, thanking, courtesy, honesty, greeting, glee, pride and friendship.

Basics of Finnish continues

In this meeting at her place we were focused on the Finnish phrases and grammar. My partner has successfully passed Basics of Finnish –course but in her study material there were some undone exercises.

Because the course has been held far in the past, it was really good idea to refresh her mind. And it was quite big surprise for me that she remembered so many things easily. Maybe she has done her homework properly earlier J