6th meeting : Watching Korean Movie


The 6th meeting was held on 6th November, in Inga&Olha’s flat.


This time we watched a Korean film together!

I have already watched some Korean movies with Olha which I thought the best so it was bit hard for me to select nice Korean movie for all of us. Actually it was REALLY HARD because we don’t have many good Korean movies-I thought lots of them have same, old, typical stories-so Bomee and I struggled with it for 4 days or so.

Finally, we could choose one movie, and the name of the movie is ‘King and the Clown’.

This movie is based on true story but of course writer added some fictional idea also. For example, the King Yeonsan one of the main characters in this film was real person. He was one of the kings of Joseon. (Joseon is the nation before Republic of Korea.) The background of the movie is late 15th century so all actors and actresses use old Korean language. Bomee and I thought this movie will be really nice for them to listen old Korean language and dialect.

We explained background history while we were watching the movie. Besides I really wanted to show this movie to Olha and Inga not only because it’s one of my favorite movies, but also I want to go old Korean palaces with them when they come to Korea. We have 5 big old palaces in Seoul, our capital and all of them have different purpose. So I thought it would be nice if they can experience it in a roundabout way.

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