Eight meeting: the masters (or at least speakers) of Finnish

We continued with the Finnish grammar rules from the Suomen Mestarit 3. This time we mostly focused on the passive form and how it is used. We also went through the tenses and positive and negative forms when used in passive. Transitive and intransitive verbs were first pretty difficult to understand even for me but after some googling I managed to understand the concept and could explain it to Inna, maybe. 😀 Also we went through the imperative in singular and plural forms.


After starting this course and starting to teach Inna some Finnish I have been thinking about how we speak Finnish and how the grammar actually works. It has been interesting to think about my own native language from this angle. I think I’m in pretty different a situation than one normally would be in Each one teach one course because Inna has studied Finnish for years and she already speaks really good Finnish. I have done my best to teach her something new and I would like to think I have managed at it.

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