Fourth meeting: The oh so difficult grammar!

This time we studied Finnish. We borrowed the Suomen mestari 3 –book from the library and studied the past tense and the positive and negative forms of conditional. It was surprisingly difficult and easy at the same time. As a native speaker I could understand all the grammar easily but teaching something when you only know how it works, but not why it works that way, is difficult. I tried my best to come up with as many examples as possible and to help Inna understanding the usage of each word.

Learning languages can be difficult and feel impossible at times but I find it even more difficult to teach, especially grammar. When one is teaching grammar rules like we did with Inna during this lesson, I mostly felt stupid even though I know it’s not supposed to be easy for me both as I have no training for teaching and I, as a native speaker, have studied these things very differently.

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