Seventh meeting: the weekdays don’t seem to end

This time we met at the school library to study some more Russian. After the last lesson Inna asked me what I’d like to learn next, and considering that I study Hospitality Management in TAMK I naturally wanted to learn kitchen and cooking vocabulary. We studied verbs on the last Russian lesson and Inna wanted to show me how to conjugate verbs so she took example verbs like to cook and to mix and showed me how to conjugate them. After that she made me do it. In Russian verbs conjugate by person but I think it is so much easier than the way they conjugate in Finnish.

We also studied the names of the weekdays because we realized we haven’t gone through them yet. We noticed they don’t have similar endings there usually are in languages. Both me and Inna study many different languages but neither one of us could come up with another language with similar situation. The only one was Finnish with every other day having –tai ending except keskiviikko (Wednesday).

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