Sixth meeting: the difficulty of speaking


On our sixth lesson we worked on Inna’s Finnish speech about working in the lab. She got it as her homework for her Finnish language for foreigners course. This time we talked more in English than we usually do because the text where she translated it from was in English and there were some words too difficult to go through in Finnish.

During our lessons, especially our Finnish lessons, we try to speak as much Finnish as possible. I have noticed from my own experience that just talking in the language you try to learn and listening to a native speaker talk is really helpful for the learning process. Every now and then we use English if there are some new words to Inna and usually when we go through grammar.

When Inna is teaches me Russian we usually speak a mixture of Finnish and English and I try to repeat the Russian words after Inna. I really should try to speak more Russian because I won’t learn it if I don’t speak it!

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