Tenth meeting: well wishes and language thoughts

The last meeting we had I helped Inna with her homework with an article about wells. She had some problems with understanding it and I promised to help her with it. We talked about what she understood about the article and some of the most difficult words. We went through the article chapter by chapter and discussed each chapter was about. We also talked about some of the words that were used in a different meaning they usually are in Finnish.

I feel like this course has given me so much more than just basic understanding in Russian as a language and about its culture. I have started to think about Finnish and how we speak it as a native language, as well as the grammar and the word meanings. I also think I have started to think about languages in general, as a way to communicate in different ways. They are meant to be like that, ways for us to communicatebut I have started to think them as something else also. I’m not the best person with grammar or spelling, and I’ll probably never be but there is so much more to languages and that is what makes them so interesting.

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