Kirppis – Flea market :)

Today we had our ninth meeting. Sora, Jaana, Christine and I went to Radiokirppis and Tarinakirppis. A little bit of finnish culture.

o_radiokirppis2 020

For those of you who doesn’t know what a kirppis is: it’s like a  mixture of secondhand shop and flea market. People rent a stand and put their staff which they want to sell there and then the kirppis sells them. After a rental period of normally one week the kirppis gives them their earned money. Usually there are cheap prices so it’s perfect for us poor students.

Inside a kirppis

After a shopping marathon of nearly 5 hours we found enough for us and our loved ones for christmas.  My output of today was very impressive. I bought shoes for 50 cents, sports trousers for 50 cents, a book for 1 euro, adidas sports shoes for 2 euro, a thermo mug for 80 cents, a curler for 50 cents and a shirt for 50 cents. For christmas, I found a beautiful picture for 2 euros, beautiful postcards with christmas wishes for 30 cents and a vacuum bottle for 3 euros. Then I found a pasta machine for actually 3 euros, but at the counter I got a discount of 50 %. What a nice surprice! 🙂

My outcome 🙂

It was really cool for us because we haven’t got something like this in Germany. We have only flea markets or second hand shops, but in second hand shops there are often things for older people. And on the fleamarkets you have to discuss with the salesperson to get a better price. The kirppis is much better! And it was really nice with our group! I’m looking forward for our two next and last meetings: We’ll go to the eishockey game between Tappara and Ilves and to Sauna!




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