The first meeting: Finnish alphates learning

Today, I started this course in the library with my partner Rulis. Actually, this is my first time that I have learned Finnish. Because of the conflict of the courses I have selected in winhha, I have to delete the course basics of Finnish regretfully, so I pretty appreciate that this course can give me an opportunity again to learn Finnish. In this lesson, my partner Rulis taught me the alphabets of Finnish, and I think it is easy for me to remember them. But Rulis told me that may be it will difficult in the following lessons, so I expect to experience them highly.

Firstly, I would like to share the outcomes in my first lesson:


Personally, I have acquired a lot from this lesson, not only those pronunciations of Finnish letters, but also the way to learn something. Actually, learning in a group is really a quite new way for me comparative to the way I used before, in which I indeed got more opportunities to communicate more with others. So I firmly believe that my communication skills will undoubtedly be improved from this of learning.

Apart from that, as for something that has not be achieved in this lesson, I think there nothing, Because in the first lesson, my partner just has taught some basic and simple alphabet for me

Additionally, I think this lesson is completely adhere to my original plan, because alphabet is the basis if I want to acquire Finnish pretty well.

After that, it was my time to impart chinese to my partner. Actually, this is the first time for me to be a teacher, so it is also a challenge for me to teach somebody Chinese. In this lesson, I mainly taught the alphabets of Chinese to my partner Rulis, but it seems that may be it is too difficult for him to acquire all those alphabets in one lesson, so I think I still need to take the next class to practice those alphabets for him.

Here are the Chinese alphabets :


Exactly, I have learned a lot from this lesson, the most important thing is that my communication skills and teaching skills has been annealed in this process, so I extremely appreciate this course to give me a chance to anneal myself. But actually, I indeed found some problems in this lesson that is I need to prepare fully for every lesson, because  Even for me I still forget the pronunciation of some of those alphabets.

Additionally, I think this lesson is completely adhere to my original plan, just as I said in my preliminary plan.

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