Meeting #10: Icehockey rocks

IMG_1092Today Sabrina, Sora and her friend and me were at the Jäähalli to watch the Liiga Game of Tappara against Ilves. It was my first ice hockey game and I did not know anything about the rules and I therefore didn’t a clue which team I should support. Thanks to Sora and her friend Tappara has two new fanclub members now 😀  Because I am Tapparafan since two hours I am really happy that they won 3:2 after a very exciting match and a goal in the last 5 seconds 🙂

Even though football is more popular in Germany I think ice hockey is much faster and much more exciting (when you know which team you are about supporting of course ;))

This is my last entry and I really liked to participate in EOTO because I learnt a lot of new things and I got to know really nice people. <3

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