The second meeting: daily words

On Sunday, we met at TAMK library,. I really learned a lot this day. Because of alphabets learning of Finnish last week, it seems that learning process of Finnish is much easier, therefore my partner Rulis taught me a lot this time. From this lesson, I have got how to introduce myself simply in Finnish. Here is a brief introduction of myself in Finnish:


And also, I learned some words of Personal Pronoun:


Besides, I have acquire almost all the name of vegetables in Finnish, which is pretty convenient for to lead a life in Finland.


Actually, I extremely like this approach to learn something in a group, and I have become more and more enjoyable in this process, from which I have become much more active to communicate with others, and have known many things out of school. So I am pretty happy to have this opportunity.

Regrettably, my partner said that it is extraordinarily difficult to remember all those pronunciation of Chinese alphabets, so I need to come up with a more special way to help him acquire them.

Well, I think this lesson is adhere to my original plan of this course, even though there is some difficulties in this process, I have every confidence to make it.

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