The third meeting: Amazing Food party

We have a pretty unforgettable experience for the each one teach one lesson in my apartment tonight. Firstly, I teach my partner Rulis some basic sentences in our daily life. Now, he was able to introduce himself in Chinese, and I would say he is pretty good at learning Chinese. And I will show you what he had learned this lesson in the picture.


Then we hold a extremely nice party in my apartment. And I made some traditional Chinese food by myself for him, and had explained the ingredients and the procedures to him. I invited a lot of my friends to participate in it and we had a pretty long talk with each other with the topic ranging from Chinese food culture to Chinese tea culture, and then to Turkish culture. Everybody was pretty happy that day.


Personally, I really got a lot from this party-like learning method, we had a deeper understanding with each other, and also, we have known many cultures related to China, Finnish, and Turkey, which really an amazing experience.

Apart from that, as for something that has not be achieved in this lesson, I think there nothing, Because everything this time is pretty nice, so we have had an appointment that we will hold a party like this again in my partner’s house next time.

Additionally, I think this lesson is completely adhere to my original plan, because alphabet is the basis if I want to acquire Finnish pretty well.


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