Thoughts about course…

I´m really happy that I started this course because I met these amazing people from different countries and learned much about their cultures and countries. We had big group and it was sometimes hard to fit our timetables but after all I think it was a richness for us that we had so many different and unique person there. Even though I think it´s sad that distances between us are so long after they leave Finland.
We learned some Spanish and things about Spanish culture. We learned also some things about Malaysian, Korean and German culture. We were supposed to learn some German too, but we didn´t had time for that because time was running so fast every time we met. I had wonderful opportunity to use my English. Now I´m going to study Spanish more so that one day I can speak it fluently. =)
I can recommend this course for everyone who would like to meet new people and learn something from them. This course was a wonderful experience and it gave me so much. Thank you for everyone. I´m going to miss you so much…


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